Oh, when I was in Venice….

On a boat-bus in Venice – September 2005

It was exactly 1 year ago today that I awoke at Spannochia, Italy. All emotionally hung over from having travelled for 24 hours only to have all my ID and money stolen in the last 30 miles to my destiny. Having traveled by car, plane, bus and taxi only to discover the missing purse….somewhere between Siena and Rosia – my identity gone. My husband was camping in the wilds of Idaho and I spent a good hour trying to get him to answer his cell phone…the wilderness has few cell towers – a major disadvantage when emergencies arise. Let’s only hope that this remains true.

I miss Italy. I miss the tempo of life, the people and their sense of all things delicious and beautiful….I miss the sunset in Tuscany – a glow so undescribable that one has to experience it to know it. I miss the oldness of what is still so profoundly beautiful. Once I get the hang of posting photos, I’ll post some more here.

I spent 10 beautiful, exhausting and wonder filled days in Tuscany and then onto Venice. OHMygod is all I can say…Venice!A week in Venice with all that it holds. The gentle rocking of boat transit docks, the cobblestones and no cars. The food, oh my, the food. I lost 9 pounds by the time I got home and I ate as if each meal was my last….marvelous. Simply marvelous…..

So over the next few days I’ll remember Italy, and dream of taking Mike there next time.


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