OUR Planet



Take a trip around our earth through the net – then try and justify not conserving energy or recycling that plastic whatever you have just tossed into the garbage! Notice America from outer space at night….we are the biggest consumers and the worst abusers of our right to be here….too bad the founders didn’t embrace that

new land

idea more fully and treated it as if should always look and feel new.

Recycle people….consume less!

The weekend is almost over and I feel as if I have accomplished nothing…while I did work out in the yard for a bit yesterday, I have remained inside doing the odd chores of laundry, window cleaning and making the bed. Have a job interview at on Friday, so I need to do some research on that company and look to Mercy Corps website for the dream job posting…I need to full gainful employment if I must work…..and I must.

Fall is definitely in the air. I love the season, with the cascade of multi-colored leaves, to the crisp air blowing them along the sidewalks…so fun.

bon soir….


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