Slacker [cough, cough] slacker….

Life got oh, so busy….honest! Beginning in September I was consumed with a new career opportunity…I won’t even demean it by calling it a job. I successfully passed through the labyrinth of interviews to obtain this remarkable position….executive assistant to the CEO of a major humanitarian relief organization. Probably best not to disclose the name to not only protect the innocent, but if I should fall off the rant-wagon I can keep my job!

I love my work, my colleagues and the mission we work under….amazing, the human spirit.
I am challenged every day and although I have much to learn, it is an ongoing challenge and I arrive each day ready to work. This will be my last position in the world of work…at some point in the distant – within 5 years – I will retire, to write. Not clear yet as to what I will write, but that’s what I want to do….maybe travel and write about that….but write I shall.

Fall slipped away from me into the dark, cold realm of winter. Some cozy fires inside, but our living room just is not cozy. Something drastic needs to be done to make it so, but I ‘m not financially able to complete that task until Mike goes back to work.

Winter just sorta slipped in and out. We had a month of really cold, cold weather but that was pretty much it. Oh, we did have some snow days….got to work from home which was totally great!

Spring is just peeking out in my yard…it makes me so very happy to see what is going to bloom in just a matter of days, and will continue to burst forth from the ground over the next few weeks and months…

The only other stuff stuck in my head at the moment is the insanity that is called “news” right now. Ohmygod the fuss that is being made about Ms. Britany Spears shaving her head…..this is hair, people! Hair that will grow back! There are so many really deep and troubling issues in the world today and we take time, energy and effort to not only show pictures, but write articles and have ‘news @ 6pm’ about a bald 25 year old. Get over it….she is just being 25 and not too mature! Yes, it’s sad, boohoo… is a desperate cry for help….how sad. Now can we please move on to arresting predatory child molesters, feed the hungry here and all the world, restore the homes and livelihoods of New Orleans…..maybe work towards peace in the Middle East?
Ms.Spears, I do not care that you shaved your head. Good for you, now stop be so self absorbed and do something for someone else. There I said it!


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