I met the real Prince Charming

February 23, 2007 TGIF …

what a day I had today… oy! We had a real life celebrity in our building—-Princess’ Brides very own Prince Charming! He was here to meet with our Darfur desk people to see how he could help raise $$$ for our programs. Actually, I thought he would be taller! Had I passed him on the street I wouldn’t have had a clue…of course he was semi-disguised….glasses, a hat pulled down over his forehead, but I probably wouldn’t have recognized him….he’s very, very nice and ever the gentleman….but honestly….sits down every day just like I and oh so many others in the world. Yes, he was humble, he acknowledged his blessings, – and thankfully he is quite aware of the cult following and he did stand still long enough to have his photo taken with the two women that work in our offices-which means he remembers that he makes his living as an actor and has fans who gush…..I think my total lack of fuss caused him to pause. Really! He came back twice to thank me and to ask for my card….I hope that he is successful in the concerts that he is planning and that his word about wanting to raise the money will make it all the more successful for those who truly need the aid.

Have you been surfing the web of late? Have you fed the hungry? Clothed the poor? Saved a dog/cat or rainforest today? Here’s your chance – http://www.thehungersite.com/ – they’ll even send you a daily email to remind you to “CLICK” and give for free!!!! GO – DO- CLICK- Be grateful for the blessings you have…..

More news about the hollywood un-grateful – Mrs. Federline needs to grow up! And no I’m not being mean, maybe she is having a post-partum break down…do it in private and get yourself some help……

And someone should get a court order mandating that idiot judge in Florida to take a breathe….hopefully his last 15 minutes of fame are now gone.

Can we just please bring our troops home. Say a prayer – will ya.


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