My kids – the cats…..

Februaray 27, 2007
This is Lola Morgan…one of a pair. Born on Flag Day – June 14, 1998 in Seal Beach California. While they look like Russian Blues, their mother was Siamese, their inherited some of the undesirable traits….aloofness and self obsession….perfect cats for me, some would say….

She has always been the “don’t touch me cat” – if she daned to situate herself near you or god-forbid seat on your lap. one DID NOT TOUCH her! Even when the urge was more than I thought I could bear and I knew without a doubt that she would flee as if struck by lightning, I would reach out and pet her….only to be rebuffed. She also resisted with claws flying, clothes be damned, the idea of actually picking up and holding her…..age has mellowed her – somewhat – she will actually avail herself of my lap as I sit and needlepoint or read, she suffers through the petting and Loves to have her ears roughly scratched….she has even allowed me, if I am nimble enough to catch her, to hold her in my arms where she will eventually purr. I am not allowed to walk with her, I must stand still and let her be, but I have tamed her or more likely she has tamed me.

Cats are an interesting species to watch. Certainly my cats Lola and Lucy exhibit behavior that is different than Spencer Tracy and his sister Katharine Hepburn, although Lucy and Kate were identical in that they were both the LAP cats in my life. If I am sitting or lying down, Lucy is ON me like it is her only method of breathing….she will follow me from room to room – because she knows that at some point I will sit down. She has even followed me to the toilet and attempted to mount me….honestly, sometimes it is just annoying. She sleeps on me, and if I turn on my side she climbs right on up to the available hip and attempts to make a bed. ….. you would think she’d get the hint…”I don’t want you on me, hence I turned over!” – she persists….

Lola and Lucy will chase each other through the house, one eventually ends up on the floor on their back, claws extended in a defensive move, teeth bared and equal amounts of hissing from both sides…occassionally I will find them curled up together, but it is rare.

Lola likes to sit on my desk as I work, tail gracefully wrapped around her legs. She watches me, and when she determines that I have been given ample time to pay attention to her and haven’t she gives me the head butt….yep, a head butt. She’ll continue this playful poking until I have stopped doing whatever it is that she wants to interrupt – this is my signal to scratch her ears, and I’m not done until she leaves. If I should make the mistake of stopping before my time is up, she resumes the head-butt….she’s persistent, I’ll give her that. She also likes to have her water from the bathroom sink. Not the tub, her water dish or the toilet…ever the finnicky cat, she will sit on the corner of the counter, meow continuously until someone shows up to run the tap…and don’t put too much into the sink…it has to be just the right amount so that she can climb into it and lap up water without gettin gher dainty paws wet….I like her, she’s independent , clean, self-sufficient and a loner. Like her mom…

Lucy Madeleine, born on the same day as her sister, she is the pudgy one who is needy, self absorbed and demanding. She likes button, string and plastic bags, shiny objects – things to chew on or put. She’s a love, but at 10 pounds it is a lot of love in one’s lap. But at least she’ll trade a nail clipping with sitting in my lap….she’s also my climber. We have to keep the linen closet doors closed with a strip of wood so she won’t paw them open and jump up to the closest shelf – she wants to sleep on the towels, up high and in the dark…strange cat, very strange. Like her mom…

I have to go, the head-butting has started….ok, ok stop poking me. For all my grumbling, I can’t imagine home-life without my cats…..

Lucy- sunny herself, of course.


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