World Hunger – World Peace

This photo is from “”…. I visit this sight each day and click on the bar to add my cup of food to the daily total, (Behavioral reward system of training definitely in place here) then I head to the breast cancer tab and click there for a ‘free mammogram’ for some low-income woman, then to the literacy tab, click and I’ve sent a book to a child…. I haven’t yet succumbed to the rainforest and animal rescue tabs….but I started with just the hunger tab and look where I am today!!! I click on hunger because I can not imagine what it must be like to be hungry, truly-unbelievably-rack-o-bones-dying from lack of food in a world of plenty. I now click on breast cancer because my family has experienced that and it is treatable if one can be screened and in this man’s world — where males are, by simply being males – entitled to many health insurance covered screenings/tests/exams that women are still unable to obtain unless they have extremely good insurance — and if they suffer from breast cancer, lose a breast or die from it BECAUSE they couldn’t afford the screening, then SHAME on US (as in the United States of America)….so I click the bar. I’ve just recently started clicking on the literarcy tab because I believe education is the key to self-empowerment….for EVERYONE….not just white european males, but white/black/brown/red, males/females, rich/poor or in-between. I can not imagine my life without books…knowledge is power, but books can take you anywhere you want to go, regardless of where you are when you read them. When I was a child, books were my escape from a childhood filled with horrors, in the middle of the night – I was Nancy Drew and Clara Barton (civil war nurse). As I got older I saw the horrors of racial tension and divide in our nation through the eyes of Southern blacks (oh, to rember the title of that book- I’ll remember)

Sorry, I digress. The point of the photo at the time is the saying – “It is not enough to win a war; it is more important to organize the peace” – Aristolte….a brilliant man….organize peace – if that were the simple thing to do in today’s world…currently the government is lead by a man who can not string a coherent sentence together on his own….the man is an imbecile…today the news reported more soldiers killed in Iraq. When will it end?

We have absolutely no business fighting a war in Iraq or any place else. Why are there not more people speaking out about the war and the need to bring these boys home….? Why is the news playing it down?

I say, lets organize peace here at home and keep our sticky fingers out of the country pie somewhere else….do we not already have enough problems to resolve right here at home?



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