June 2 2007

Summer has arrived early! It got to the low 90’s this week with no rain in sight…Rose Festival and the parade usually brings rain but so far, not a drop. The photos are from late April early May when most of it was just beginning to bloom…I’ll add a June 2 photo soon just to see the difference….

The birdhouse hanging from the arbor is the home of 2 BlackCapped Chickadees and their newborns! Oh my gosh, it is so fun watching them fly in with food and out again in search of it! I love my yard! I saw a Monarch butterfly today, cut 5 gorgeous Billy Graham roses for the dining room…the hummingbirds are stopping by the rose arbor, the foxglove and fire pokers as well as the feeders we have out…it’s great, but just too early for the heat wave that we have going on….

Work is a four letter word…although I am more comfortable in my position it is still exceedingly stressful. I have discovered that I am not that enamored with doing this type of work…I did not go to school for 4 years to be doing this job..yet I have not a clue as to what it is I do want to do…
I still dream of writing, yet I don’t take the time to do that…I dream of retiring….yes, that would be the best and I also dream of going back to school and getting more educattion! Not enough money or time –
I just celebrated 29 years clean and sober ….now that is something to be proud of! And I am. I have a great life. I have some great friends, I have a wonderful sponsor in Doris, some nutty women that I sponsor and a husband who loves me and whom I love. I needlepoint, read and go to the movies….life is great!I just wish I had more time to do those things…but for the time being I must work…it could be worst – I could be unemployed, drunk and loaded…so NOT!

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  1. Anonymous

    Dear Auntie~Just read some of your blog! Love the way you write! Whish everyone would write this way maybe it would be interesting to me, or maybe it is just you I am interested in. Your garden is fabulous can’t wait to see your next photos! I love you and am doing well. Have a wonderfulday! You are such an amazing woman, fits your user name perfectly!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxAlways all my love:o)Chaela


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