Another word for freedom….

Wednesday, July 4th is tomorrow… a day off for me and scores of other people. However, the men and women of the US armed forces guarding our borders, shores and honor (?) will not be having a day of rest, nor hot dogs or ice cream with family or friends – their fireworks will be much louder and deadlier, and some may not see another July 4th. Lets also remember that millions of people are starving, livinig in poverty and have no voice – no freedom.
It’s also my grand-nephews 4th birthday…HB2U – Ben !!!!
Yep, that’s me and my guy. We took a flight around Mt St Helens on Saturday last. Then, having circled the crusty gray monolith twice, while marveling at the rough terrain, the 26 year old log jams, and the deep ravines from molten lava – we flew west into the setting sun up the Columbia River to Astoria and south to Seaside, OR before heading east and home. It was a great day to be aloft, although a bumpy ride over the Coastal range, it was great to be in the air again. I acquired yet another 20 min of flight time for my log book….I love flying, wish I did more of it.
Yes, I’m at work, and writing on my blog. It’s lunchtime for me – my boss is out of the country, the stacks of folders and tasks to do are slowly receding. I am enjoying the quiet and solitude of the office and looking forward to being off.
To get back to my topic…freedom..seems the prez believes in it too…especially for his kiss ass buddies. As one of the late night comics noted…even Paris Hilton had to serve her time. I mean really, the man lied! Bill Clinton was up for impeachment for lying…it is just unbelievable that the man who is suppose to lead this country (well, now that I see those words – HA, I laugh!) and who has proven time and again that he is just the front man for those who are really running our nation – the power group from the former bush presidency – has not also been subject of a congressional inquiry. Amazing! simply amazing, he is such an idiot stick figure. He can not put two clear, concise, coherent sentences together, even when they are written down for him. It’s embarrassing….and oh so wrong.
Enjoy your 4th, I’m sleeping in and taking a moment to remember how I got to where I am today.

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