Welcome back, welcome back…

Can not believe it has been 18 months since my last posting…not quite sure why outside of the desire to do something, anything besides sit in front of a computer screen. Missed it, yes – so much so I remembered that I needed to change my email address to access the account before we stopped paying for the privilege at our old ISP.

It’s the 28th of December 2008. Yesterday was the first day that I drove my car in two (2) weeks! We had a record 18 inches of snow here, and if it hadn’t been for Mike, not sure how I would have gotten to work the few days that I had to go in…having the MAX makes life a bit easier, but just getting there was a nightmare at times. It snowed EVERY day for 12 days…sometimes just a short time, others for hours on end. I was so OVER it by day 3. Had I wanted to live where there was snow for much of any winter, I would have moved to Minot or northern New York State.

I’m trying to think of all that has happened in my world the past 18 months, and while I know that I went to my job most every day, I did buy a new car – Cha Cha, the ever cute VW Beetle seen above. I love this car. It makes me smile everytime I pull into the garage and see her sitting there, waiting for me. She is loaded with all of the accessories that I never had the $$ to purchase with a new car…she’s zippy for sure. I sold my old car from the curb in less than 2 days.
Mother dropped her body last June. It was interesting to experience the feelings that surfaced in those hours directly following. I was neither happy or sad…I was however, acutely aware of how her passing affected Patricia and my nieces. I felt sadness for them…and then 4 or 5 weeks passed and I found that I needed to get some counseling to deal with my own grief. That was a shocker for sure…she really missed out on a amazig daughter! I was given Grandfather’s diamond, finally and received a death benefit check that Dad purchased when I was born. The original benefit was for $500 – but had increased in value to a nice $3200 by the time I got it. Thank you God, that was a nice gift.
I continue to needlepoint (like a madwoman at times), read, tend to my garden and exercise. I really thought I wanted a dog, but until I retire that just seems like to much work. Mike continues to fly, he finished GFox U in August 2007, found a job and was laid off again after 8 months, but has been at Phoeson since last month and appears to find it rewarding and challenging.
Mike and I continue to work on getting ourselves into “retirement mode”…. I hope to be unemployed by April 2010….need to get Cha Cha paid off! It grows dark and I’ll need to fix dinner soon, hopefully I won’t be idle from the blog going forward. Until then-adios.

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