The label on the above photo should read “you woke me up! to take my picture?”

The other day, I started thinking about how much my cats personalities are vaguely similar to mine. It’s just frightening how close some of them are….

I have two Russian Blues (well, that’s what I call them – their mother was a wandering Siamese), Lola and Lucy – born June 14, 1997 in Seal Beach CA. They were flown to Portland via UA at 2 months old and I could hold them in the palm of my hands – they were that small. Litter-mates, these sisters could not be further apart in the personality pool…I sometimes question the DNA string that they share.

Lola (aka, “Don’t you dare touch me”) was aloof from the start. She would sit just outside my reach and if I failed to remember the rules and actually PET her she was gone! She lived under the bed for months….when I finally moved, I found the box- spring muslin in tatters – so apparently she took her mad out on the material and thankfully not my arms. She refused to be held, and if by some magic I managed to capture her, for indeed it was a capture….look out clothes and skin…rips and blood would soon be my reward for wanting to love on her. She would march across my lap to sit in Mike’s, curl up and smirk at me, as if to say “can’t touch me” – now that’s gratitude for you-I’m her caretaker…

It’s been 12 years,she is still sleek and shiny coated, regal when she sits on my desk or office window – gazing out at the bird-feeders, undisturbed by the hummingbird fluttering directly at eye level… she finds me now – to sit on my lap, or have me scratch her ear, or sleep next to me…she’s mellowed with age and I find that has happened for me as well. When I first got her we were much more alike, both aloof and stand-offish, I like to think of it as being more shy than aloof…I’m positive she does too. After all, that noisy cold baggage area would have terrified me too.

Lucy (aka, Your-lap-is-my-lap) – has been the LAP CAT of the century. She has yet to find a lap she did not like…although I truly wished she would. She weighs in right around 10 pounds…loves plastic,(she chews on it) needlepoint yarn, and Laps! Whether perched on a stool, the sofa armrest, or lying on the floor, Lola will and does find your lap to walk around 3 times and curling up into a semi-circle…she’s overweight so she spreads out more than curls up. Lola will also shame you into sitting down…if you happen to be standing just near enough she will mew and reach out for you, letting you know she’s ready to be lap-sitting! And she glares as if to say “where have you been all day? I’ve been waiting!” Lucy is a napper, I like naps, Lucy wants to be cuddle, I like cuddles, Lucy is a lover —– I like love…

Lucy is the bundle of ‘wanna be loved’….that’s where the similarity comes in. I’m that bundle of ‘wanna-be-loved’ after a long day at the office. I want someone to pay attention to me, hold me, stroke my hair (close enough) and make me feel warm and safe.

I’ve been cranky most of this week, my lovely Lola and Lucy don’t realize that their presence in my life helps me to ‘get over myself’….they have loved me from near (Lucy) and far(Lola) and my mood doesn’t change their need,want or desire to be a part of my life. Thanks to the universe,that won’t change for some time to come…I have a lot of love in my life. For that I am grateful…..


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