Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas 2009
Happy Holidays people!

LIFE  Today
It’s Christmas Eve day and I’m home until Monday December 28th. Like everyone I have had some moments of reflection and reviewing of the past 12 months…gosh it has been a packed year! I am sitting in my office looking out the window and it is sunny – same day last year, 18 inches of snow and no Christmas in sight! Both Mike and I had procrastinated in getting gifts and the onset of the 2 week snow had just messed with us and the whole gift giving never happened…we even missed out on on our anniversary because of the weather. So the fact that I am somewhat ready is amazing AND considering a walk in the ‘hood is the good news!

Work continues to be a four-letter word. I have so many other things that I would like to be doing – none which fall under the heading of ‘work for $$$$’. I think about writing that novel that has eluded me for years, learning Italian, driving cross country, taking a photography class, volunteering, going to the gym every day, doing silent retreat, reading Anna Karenina and East or Eden…watching the Late Show and sleeping in late. Am positive there is other stuff…2010 will be the year to start doing some of those things.

FAMILY – we lost Mike’s mom in October. Her passing has left a huge hole in our lives.
I continue to resist full frontal contact with either of my sisters. Email is the closest I can get right now…parts of me wishes that was different – I am uncertain as to changing it – feels like a lot of emotional distress and work – again, the four letter word. God I am lazy!
Took a wee break there and left the building. We walked, for the first time in a month. My knee is really sore (surgery scheduled for next month) but I trudged on! Ibuprofen to the rescue… 

That’s all the reflecting I will do for today…more to be reviewed…I am to engrossed with the squirrel climbing up and down the cedar tree to write anything more today

SNAP – T’was the night before…


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