mutter, mutter


Vacation on wheels arrives Monday…while I had the day off  I managed to get 2 yearly medical procedures done, a physical therapy session on my knee done – thank god those sessions are nearly over…1 last one on Friday (i think it’s the last) and getting prepared to visit the doctor this afternoon…OH, maybe that’s why I feel a bit off…being poked, prodded and generally man-handled by a variety of technicians that “aren’t that into me” – ahhh, light dawns! I am not fond of all this type of attention…I am a lousy patient. True there is part of me that is competitive, as Anna (the physical therapist wanna-a-be – student) pushes me through my session smiles and chants “just trying to keep you interested” – and I don my ‘I can too do this many reps and more’ suit…using the equipment has me longing for that time when I can go to the gym and work out for 2 hours without the sense or need to hurry to get done so I can get back to work, get to work or be home with Mike.

Maybe it is because I discovered that I may have wasted time on a thankless task…
I just spent 45 min calling 15 companies to get Mike’s mother’s name/address off their mail-lists…only to discover that there is a Direct Marketing Association that is a One-STOP shop to do all of them…arghhhhhhhhhh – and this was after 2+ hours on Sunday of preparing the ones without 800 #’s with a mail request…it makes me nuts to think about the lost man-hours creating catalogs that are mailed out, the postage, the trees (heavy sigh) that are lost for paper that is then put in a landfill –  and the aggravation of pulling this stuff out of the mailbox months after she is gone. it’s a wonder we all don’t go postal at some point…where is the opt-out button for this?

My husband is in the process of driving back (see above) from Eugene OR where he has picked up our new(-to-us) 5th wheel…and will be parking it on a lot near his job…i have already warned him that I will not be getting any closer to it than next Saturday…we have sold the airplane (boohoo) in anticipation of this next chapter of our lives…”for when we retire and see “the good Ol’ U S of A”, … or as I refer to it as  ” to become a member of the traveling band of gypsies”…”early snowbirds”, as we embark on a long held dream of visiting each and every state and soak up as much of our historical culture as is humanly possible…before medicaid, social security and arthritic limbs immobilize our brain cells with pain and discomfort. Every thought is a prayer…so erase those last 10 words and replace them with healthy heart, strong muscles and joints…happy serene thoughts and faith that all is well…!


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