I have a cold, or more aptly…the cold has me. I am not a good patient…I don’t want anyone fussing over me. I want quiet, juice and sleep. This now means I have to re-plan my road trip…rats! I have previously traveled while being ill – it’s even less fun than being at home and sick! So, until I get better – I’m at home. Even had to cancel my volunteer time with NODA today…while I get the irony of being ill and sitting with someone who is transitioning out of this life, I couldn’t justify in my mind that my being sick would be harmful…long-term. I just didn’t want my germs to be the catalyst for a more immediate departure.

Mike is concerned that I might have given him a germ or two…he should be so lucky! I’m not a great sharer either . Would be happy to share if it weren’t for the fact that he’d be relentless in his commentary for the next 5 days. So I won’t share.

Believe it is now time to rest….au revoir


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