rants and raves of late

someone sent me this cartoon in an email today. the caption is: “The 1st senior moment”.…thankfully a senior more senior than moi sent it to me or i might have been offended. (she said with a smirk)  while this isn’t a new cartoon to me, it does still create a wave of giggles because I get the sentiment.
yes i have my AARP card….lord knows i am a ‘boomer’. late bloomer for sure, for when i look in the mirror i am most always surprised to see an ‘old’ young me. i don’t think old until i find some task a bit more difficult to accomplish than last year, or i am more winded going up a hill on our nightly walks, or someone much younger reminds me that they READ about the assassination of JFK and i can clearly recall the exact moment that i heard the news LIVE!!!!
i also carry a library card…antiquated tho it might me but i don’t consider myself ‘t’hat old.
i carry a cell phone, can use the text and camera feature and have a FB page – which i use. sure i did take the 30 year plan to finish my college degree…a major goal accomplished and something i truly wish i had had the foresight to complete the first go-around…however, even should i get the “monkey” off my back – the circus will most surely still be in town.
a young boy is missing in our town. from the first weekend reports on television, i have asserted that the step-mother was somehow involved. almost 6 weeks later it appears that so does her soon-to-be ex-husband – the local paper has that reported as recently as this past weekend.  the woman clearly has some challenges. i want to be on her side and yet, i am so not! i don’t understand women who have children (whether biological or not) that they then abuse, neglect or murder – it is so easy to not have children these days…but to have them or care for them and then abuse them – unforgivable. i wonder when i will be able to know that i was right-on from the onset of this sad, sad case. a part of me does hope that i will be wrong about her, albeit a very wee part.
last night while driving to my meditation class i was the victim of road rage. a young man tail-gated, honked his horn for 3/4 mi (i was not able to move over for him on the street) because i would not drive over the posted 30 mph speed limit. just as he passed me at a higher rate of speed, he had to slam on his brakes because a mobile speed trap was monitoring the street…i think he got his photo taken :-)…..he then drove a ways up the street, stopped and leaned out of the car flipping me off and pumping his fist…when he pulled a left hand turn as if to fall in behind me  – i turned off and detoured around him, ready to stop and call the police should he follow. the entitlements that the young have these days – amazing.
do i have anything more to rant about today? nope, think that’s it. i want to go surf amazon for some e-book offerings and find something new and interesting to read…..

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