Not to complain, but ouch.

This is Pat Gaylord. She’s married to Mike, one of my Mike’s oldest friends. They live in ID, and we just saw them earlier this month while vacationing near Coeur d’Alene. Two days after seeing her, she tipped over an ATV and broke her ankle (left) and her right collar bone…spent 4 days in the hospital and is now mobile – chair bound for 10 weeks…so much for her retirement “fun” getaway plans. (Photo taken during our ID trip)
She and Mike have been in “retirement”, pretty much the entire 13 years that I’ve known them – LUCKY, LUCKY them!

The reason I bring this up is that on Friday the 16th I while attending a self-promoting 50th birthday party that my friend Brenda gave herself I lost my footing during a free-for-all “Foot Loose” dance number and sprained my left wrist. Ouch and ouch!  Mike has no sympathy for me, well he has a bit – but he actually wanted me to promise that I would NOT do anymore wild or crazy things! I can’t promise that, but I can try to consider the possibilities of flinging myself with abandon into life. I am a rather impulsive person (and he is not), so in looking back at Friday night, the party, the music and the tempo of Foot Loose – nah, I just jumped right up to shake my booty… not a moment of consideration was given over to considering the possible outcome – which I fully expected to be just fine. Chances of that changing anytime soon is pretty remote.

We are in the midst of getting things aligned with being gone for the winter…the kinds of things you don’t think about every day. Like the mail service and how you pay your bills, and canceling the paper which i find incredibly hard to even think about, and what to do with the cats???? yikes I might have to consider finding good homes for them.But we are getting the 2nd home prepped for them to join us…lets see how adventurous they are!                                    

Meet Lucy the lap cat – if a lap is near she will be in it.

Lola – a bit camera shy and pretty much a loner, although she does have her moments of lap sitting and “my ears need scratching”.

That’s enough from me today – even I am bored.


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