Blowing in the wind-while trying to stay put.

San Pedro River….

Not far from our site
Here I sit, inside our RV near Tombstone, AZ – the sun is shining. It all looks good, that is until the whole RV vigorously shifts from side to side. The wind is blowing 30-40 miles per hour! I’m waiting for Mike to complete his search of our next great RV spot – nearer to Tucson and one that does not cost a freaking fortune.  We are mostly prepared to go on a hike at the Chicicahua National Monument park today, just need to get him re-focused.

Being on the road since the first of November has been fun, adventurous and, at times, amayzing! However, I miss my women friends, yoga classes, the accessibility of Trader Joe’s AND my hairdresser.
So there are days that I struggle to remain centered and present in the day. Prayer and meditation helps, so do frequent calls, Facebook and email also helps with adjustmenting my attitude. I perserve!

The fun part is learning about the history of a specific area – I have learned factos that my grade school history teacher never ever mentioned. Example would be that Wyatt Earp – that bastion of justice and law enforcement married Sadie Jo, a prostitute working at the Bird Cage Theatre/Bordello.  Now that wasn’t part of any history lesson I had as a child. The photo above shows a picture of Sadie Jo, Wyatt (lower right) her “ill fame” license which Earp had signed and Sadie’s nude photo for her former ‘live-in lover’ Sheriff Behan. 

I have no judgement on her morals – prostitution was legal in those days. While I personally wouldn’t work in the business, I feel that making it legal today would insure the health of the women, possibly insure legal age requirements to work, leave the justice system open to more violent crimes to prosecute and states where it was legal, such as Nevada, would have the ability to tax it, thus creating more revenue for their currently strapped budgets. And it just might help with the illegal sex trafficking issue that is so  rampant today. And it would stop law enforcement from focusing just on the women they arrest, which could be called harassment or profiling.

Just some thoughts. The wind continues to blow and we are getting ourselves ready to blow out with it.


One thought on “Blowing in the wind-while trying to stay put.

  1. Great history lesson, one that I didn't learn either!

    I agree with you on the whole prostitution issue. Another aspect is that if it were made legal as in Nevada, it would put a few pimps out of business. The girls would be in a safer environment with more access to safety precautions to use.

    After all it is the world's oldest profession!!


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