A "RANT" about "facilities"

Bathrooms are a necessity room! A “needs to be” clean bathroom/restroom has become a pet peeve of mine. Until recently I would take note and move on before actually using a facility that was in need of cleaning in a major way. When traveling and no “rest area” is available when nature calls, the next town with a Mickey D’s gets my business. I loathe those portable “potty” barns, however in desperation I will use one AND make darn sure I don’t touch ANYTHING inside other than the door lock – and then I sanitized like crazy! I have highly developed thigh muscles…

Recently, during the last week, I have had the misfortune and the pleasure of being confronted with the worst and the best of public restroom facilities.  We recently stopped at a restaurant in Benson AZ. I am one of those people who needs to wash their hands after eating – am freakish about this. But I digress…once done with my meal I went to wash my hands. The room was a mess and I was instantly wishing I’d visited it prior to my meal. The good news was the manager appeared and in front of us informed her wait staff that they hadn’t been checking and would need to do so in the future. Then she went to clean the room. If I want Mexican food in the future, I’ll go back knowing that the bathroom isn’t a hazard area to be avoided.

Earlier this week we visited the Chiricahua National Monument http://www.nps.gov/chir/index.htm – kudos to the National Park Service!!! Both parks we visited had restrooms that were almost pristine! One was located at the visitor center, so that should be a given…however, the other was 8 miles off the beaten path! Not only was it spotless they had a waste basket AND hand sanitizer! A full container in both locations! I was stunned and thrilled.

US National Park Svc – AZ – KUDOS!

We visited a historic hotel in Douglas, AZ – so much effort to maintain the elegance of the past was evident throughout the lobby. Then why was their lobby women’s room disappointing? Walking in was fun, looked quaint and clean, deco tiles around the waiting area – trim and grooming mirror.

Lovely.. right?

Only to find this >>>> around the corner. Come on people…paint the area that now reveals that you removed a MUCH larger mirror. Tacky, really tacky!

But after this frustrating visit and we return to our RV my guy decides to cure our own bathroom window leak! We can now say that we temporarily rolled over to ‘trailer trash’ – if only for the night-for the temps dropped into the teens.

And yes, it is what you might imagine it is!

Our trailer trash moment – eh, night



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