Community~~~~the center is in my head….

Currently I am sitting inside out RV – space #53 of Gilbert Ray State Park, SW Tucson area. It’s been gorgeous outside, although the wind is gusting at a good clip. Lola and Lucy are both asleep in their baskets, conveniently located in front of windows with the Sun warming our space.  Saguaros surround our space, we have a long distance view of the valley below us. 
I have a blessed life. It’s true – I do. However, lately it feels,  well-unfulfilled.  There is something I am suppose to be doing and I have yet to figure that piece out. Recently in meditation the awareness that something was missing  was revealed. It feels like a longing, it haunts me. Am I imagining it? I don’t think so.  I have  for years had a desire to work as some sort of exercise instructor and I could never figure out how to support myself with that as a job…so I’d let it go. Whether it was yoga or aerobics the desire didn’t leave.  It still hasn’t, so when we get home I’m going to do a bit of investigation to see what is available in my town to become a yoga instructor.
In tree or dog years – I am old. Inside I feel much, much younger…so I drift off into the world of yoga teacher training and wonder whether I could “that”? Not so much to support myself, but as a means of community as we travel. It would also keep me engaged in fitness outside the 3-4 mile walks that  my husband and I do together.
‘Community’  has become a new word for me. Last week over laundry I met another woman, a few years older than I, as we did our laundry.  Funny thing about laundry facilities….no matter who you are, laundry evens the playing field. Everyone has dirty laundry…doing it in RV parks is a bit easier than some of those suburban coin operated places that one approaches with care.  I digress…Back to community  with Lenore, she and her husband are from Wisconsin and have now spent the last 3 winters  in the Tombstone area of AZ, for a variety of reasons which they compromised to reach.  She used the word community and it resonated.  I also felt an instant connection with her – which at the time felt odd, as I think of myself as a bit of a loner.
At home I have a ‘community’ of women and activities that I miss.  I am wanting to create that for myself on the road – teaching a yoga class when we are parked for a period of time would be a way to engage that concept.  At least the exploration will stimulate new dendrites and maybe a larger community for me.

One thought on “Community~~~~the center is in my head….

  1. Chaela

    Again I enjoyed reading what is in your heart & on your mind. Makes me feel close to you, thank you for sharing xo By the way I think you would be a fantastic yoga instructor 😉 xo


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