Update on the "RANT"

Earlier this month I blogged, well ok – I did a rant on ‘facilities’ – mainly women’s restrooms in public places. And no, I am not recanting. I still prefer, and I believe 98% of the women I know want to tinkle in clean restrooms. We want the entire room to be clean AND it would really be great if restaurants, in particular, did NOT use the “universal” uni – room that both men and women must share. Because let’s face it ladies, men/teens/boys are pigs in bathrooms. (I’m just sayin’!) And if the owners would at the bare minimum have the toilet seats securely fastened AND stocked with plenty of tissue – we could at the minimum not be repulsed during the entire time we are using their bathrooms.

Now that I think of it, do these same owners have bathrooms in their own homes that are disgusting? Do they not sweep the floors or empty the trash when it is full? If you are going to have soap dispensers hanging on the walls – could you have them filled? If not, remove them – then I will know you are harboring germs in ALL areas of your establishment – because the means the employees who are preparing my food/drinks are also NOT washing their hands with soap and water. EEuuwwww.

Again this past week I had the extreme pleasure to use the women’s restroom at the Desert Museum in Tucson. Beautiful park setting, great docents and volunteers, lots of interesting exhibits AND the piece de resistance…SUNSCREEN in the ladies room.

And they had hand sanitizer as well, just inside the entrance.
Classy, classy place ~ !
Hand Sanitizer

Must be telling that so many places are now feeling the need to put sanitizer out for the masses. Or maybe it was there all along and I am now just noticing that they are available.

One thought on “Update on the "RANT"

  1. Chaela

    This is FANTASTIC 😉 I love it, it is so true unfortunately! The thing that I hate the most is that I have a toddler & they want to touch EVERYTHING! So I now carry sanitizer in my handbag & car 😉


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