And the OSCAR goes to_______

Oscars tonight!!! Ok, I’ll confess – I am a long time Oscar night fan. I love movies and January’s arrival of award season brightens even the dreariest of winter’s dark days. I await, along with all the actors the announcement of who has been nominated, and then decide if any of them on my list of favs. The year they upped the ‘movie of the year’ category from 5 to 10 titles, was the last year I attempted to see ALL of the movies that were nominated.

This year is no different even though we have been on the road for 4 months now. Three weeks ago I made the announcement to my husband that I didn’t care where we would be on this date, but it had to be near enough to a major city to get ‘very good’ TV reception because I was going to be planted in front of the TV for OSCAR nite. And here we are, in Pahrump NV, gorgeous view of the mountains to the East, a clear sky and a view of the lake … I am getting ready to watch the Red Carpet arrivals and give thumbs up/down for the dresses walking down it…

This year I haven’t seen as many of the films that I would have normally because we are traveling. However, I have seen the film that I believe will win, The King’s Speech. It was fabulous. I adore Geoffrey Rush, and Colin Firth is someone who has now ascended to my favorite male actors list. He will take home the golden statue for this fine piece of film work.

I do not have a speech impediment, but I am terrified of public speaking, so the topic gave me something in which to identify. I have done quite a bit of it over the years, it does not get any easier. I don’t really know why I am nervous about public speaking…but I am. I get that dried, scratchy throat and nervous stomach/loose bowel feeling that is so uncomfortable -I just want the floor to open and for me to disappear.

I have never had a Oscar party night, nor have I attended one. I have friends who do, and while it has it’s appeal, I prefer to watch in the comfort and quiet of my own home. I can watch the Red Carpet arrivals and give thumbs up/down for the dresses walking down it in peace…and am never disappointed as there is always one or two that fall in the “whatever was she thinking/drinking/smoking when she picked that” catagory – always good for a laugh.

Oh, and the Black Swan’s Natalie Portman will win Best Actress. And at a much younger age I was a ballerina – not nearly as talented and yet I still love to dance, and do so in public.

Wonder if I am correct  – I’ll get back to you on that!


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