Hey Charlie …it’s called therapy, get some!

Is this guy for real? Am I the only person who thinks that he now believes he IS Charlie Harper and is living that role off the screen? Whoever has been feeding him the Kool-aid needs to stop immmediately.

Now I must admit I have enjoyed the sit-com “Two and a Half Men” since it’s beginnings in 2006. The writers are good, Jon Cryer won an Emmy for his role – but Charlie you need to take a reality pill. Oh, that’s right you took a test at some point in the last few days and are drug free….riiiiiight. And trust me, there isn’t a TV star alive and working that is worth $3M/episode – and certainly not you. Especially given that you haven’t been working, but have been trashing hotel rooms, hookin’ up with lovely, but questionable young women, and now even your devoted publicist has fled for higher ground.

Goddesses? – these girls are…yes, girls, lets get real here,will only be around as long as the money lasts. And at the rate he is throwing it around, that won’t be too long. As I said to my man this morning…I wasn’t willing to “share” a man in my twenties and I am sticking to that now – much later down the road.
There are many qualified therapist that can bring you back into the light, please seek one out I am frankly tired of seeing you on the news – I am sure there is another B-list celeb that could use the 15 min you keep falling into. Seriously,  he is a train wreck. Someone needs to also intervene on these two young women who, in my opinion, may regret in the future what they are doing today…


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