dancing, dancing, dancing….what’s not to love

it’s the morning after and i am arm-chair quarter-backing DWTS! (also known as a rant :-D) If you have just emerged from under a rock I have included a ‘about’ link (above). I am an unabashed fan of the show. I use my votes.

that’s me!

 Yep, love the dancing shows. As a child, “back-in-the-day”, I took tap, ballet (including toe) dancing. And I watched the Championship Ballroom Dance Competition on PBS, hosted by Juliet Prowse, during the 80’s and 90’s. (Tragically, Ms. Prowse died from pancreatic cancer at 59.) Loved watching the professionals compete.
Now that I have qualified my love of dancing…
The first 3-4 weeks of DWTS is always interesting, hilarious and a great “train-wreck” to watch. Remember “Master P’s” appearance and his flat-footed stomp around the floor, or Cloris Leachman – who I adore and admire for her gumption – made us laugh and clap during her romps around the floor. This season’s “I do NOT have rhythm and walk like a robot” award went to Wendy Williams. True she wasn’t the first causality, that honor went to Mike Catherwood, although in my opine – she should have been the first to go, as it was just painful to watch. Yes she had personality – but she could NOT dance. (this is a dance competition, not a personality contest)
So my rant today is about the ‘dumb blonde’ act of Kendra…she needs to ‘G.O. AWAY”.

Watching her attempt to dance makes me want to scream “my eyes, my eyes“, to hear her complain during the judges’ remarks and then make excuses is akin to ‘nails on a chalkboard’. The fact that she is paid to have a reality show is astonishing to me. Really America? There is so little passably good  programming to watch that you sink to watching an ex-Playboy bunnie at home? Even old sit-coms on TVLand would be a step up. “Oh, Kendra, sweetie…” ballroom dancing is both elegant and sexy and can be accomplished with grace, laughter and practice, practice, practice. If you had spent more time with the latter and less about whining about what you ‘aren’t‘ you might have discovered that. Everyone on the show has the same number of days to perfect their dance, or wait – they actually used the time to learn it without whining!  Even Kirstie, who had a painful hip, managed to score higher than you and she lost a shoe!

And lets not forget the music last night was wonderful! A full 46 member orchestra…playing the classical themes to Swan Lake, the Harry Potter franchise, etc…delightful and classy.

Hopefully America feels the same way and votes her off tonight…

True I don’t watch the usual reality TV shows. This includes the Bachelor (gag), The Amazing Race, Survivor and that train wreck – Kate show with the kids (not sure what the current name is). And I don’t put this show into that category, although I am sure that some would disagree. (Isn’t America great that way.)

Now I’ll take myself off to watch PBS’s Masterpiece Theatre from Sunday night and later to watch the DWTS results show. My love affair continues.



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