my spiritual journey to Reiki

This past Friday I was certified as a Reiki* practitioner. I am in a happy place. A new piece of my ‘spiritual practice’ puzzle fell into place that day…the journey continues.  (It is a healing art form and spiritual in nature, therefore fits in nicely with my beliefs.)

My search for a spiritual practice began in my early twenties – although at the time I wasn’t consciously thinking, “I’m searching for a spiritual practice”. I was however, in despair and read a lot of, what many call, “self-help” books in search of answers. Divorced, lacking guidance, I was adrift in the boat of my life “without a motor or oars”.  I am a product of the 60’s and it was after all the 70’s, the height of seeking enlightenment through sex, drugs and R&R.  I joined its’ ranks – seeking “enlightenment” through large quantities of alcohol and recreational pharmaceuticals-so much so that near the end of that decade of hard living I stopped and sought out help and found it. I wasn’t living – I merely breathed in and out. It was an extremely sad and painful time. Another part of my journey.

The next decade was spent in search for a spiritual practice/community that I could live with…I did research on religion/churches by attending services and I even spent two years as a ministerial student within the Church of Religious Science. I discovered that ‘living a spiritual life’ did not mean, for me, being committed to an organized religion. Apparently my love of church architecture did not extend into sitting through services or tithing to pay church bills. (sigh)

I have, for years now been a haphazard disciple of yoga, acupuncture, astrology, channeling, past lives readings (haven’t we all read Shirley MacLaine’s Out on a Limb – or – A Course in Miracles published through the Foundation for Inner Peace, seeking a higher truth?)  (Am pretty sure in another life I was a pacifist, even now “Do No Harm” echoes through my head each day)

The search continued, even during those times when I veered off course – only to return and begin where I had left off. I am, after all, a human being and am easily diverted by outside influences. (grin) In that regard I do surrender to the inner knowing that the Universe really is in charge and eventually was led to Reiki and The Insight Center. I did take a rather circuitous route, but I arrived, which in retrospect is the point.

Soooo, Saturday I shared with a group of friends this important accomplishment of mine and the inevitable questions arose (from those who have not dappled in Eastern philosophies), “What is Reiki?”. A simple clean descriptive would be:

*An ancient hands-on healing art form established by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.” While Reiki is not a religion, it is still important to live and act in a way that promotes harmony with others.

As stated earlier, I am in a happy place. I have been instructed to practice, practice, practice for the next 30 days by my Reiki Master. So to reinforce the discipline and my consciousness I am offering a healing session to those of you who know me. Simply contact me directly of your interest and I’ll make arrangements with you for a session at no cost to you.

Are you interested in a meditation class/astrology reading, chakra crystal cleansing or Reiki Distance Healing (none of which I provide)? Checkout The Insight Center’s website for more information. If you have struggled with a meditation practice as I did, I highly recommend the meditation classes which are offered several times a year.

As you move about your day take with you this Reiki principle “Just for today, do not worry.” See if your awareness/consciousness transforms.

And no I have not ordered business cards.



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