this week’s dribs and drabs

So, it’s Monday again, time for DWTS. I think I’d be more excited if the Playboy Princess wasn’t still testing our patience and tolerance what with the bad acting and all around bratty ‘tude. Yes, I could remove myself from in front of that portion of the show – don’t want to, after all, it may actually be another train wreck and that’s always good for a giggle.

Took myself to my 7th Barre3 class today…love, love, love this class. Not one class has the same instructor or content. At times, I feel like my muscles will burst at any second – but compared to the first week I am in so much better condition. I do sometimes have to put my 1lb hand weights down to lower my heart-rate, after all my heart is a lot older than the girl that is talking in my head believes the body is…and I know enough about aerobic exercise – both the good and bad – to know that anaerobic is counter productive in the grand scheme of things.

Found a new protein bar. Not only is it gluten-free (which I totally need) but also several of the bars have ZERO sugar. That’s right…ZIP sugar.  The ten natural thinkThin® high protein bars have 0 grams sugar and around 230 calories (70 fat cal) and are OMG delicious. I have only been able to find 4 of the 10 protein bars in our local Trader Joes and New Season’s but one can order them on line. Chocolate Brownie and White Chocolate Chip are my current favs, although the Cookies & Creme bar is right up. I have one in my bag now all the time, perfect for a afternoon snack when I’m away from home and the healthier snacks that dwell within. Their also have a “crunch” bar line which does have sugar as an ingredient, as well as a small box of 5 half bars (protein) which is the perfect after-dinner treat with a cup of chamomile tea. (think I will email them that I blogged about the bars…will they reward me with a box?) Oh, and the website also has a coupon you can download for .50cents off a bar until 30 April.

We now have helmets and fenders on our bikes. Now if the weather would just cooperate long enough to take a dry spin….and the RV bumper rack has been modified to work around the tire currently mounted there. Watch out people the ‘crazy’ lady on the hot pink bike hasn’t ridden in years!

Have a reiki practice partner lined up…and my darling man is also making himself “available”….he isn’t a believer – but then he doesn’t need to be!  The Universe knows just what it is that needs the love and attention.

And finally, spring veggie planting is semi-done. Am waiting for sweet onion roots from a neighbor, but all in all until the ground warms up enough to plant tomatoes I am done. Oh, that and Brussels sprouts and beets…ohmygosh – nothing better that roasted b sprouts and beets. So good for you…

Am off for a walk around the ‘hood while there is a bit of sun in our (brrrrr) 48 degree afternoon.


One thought on “this week’s dribs and drabs

  1. Lori

    I can hardly wait to see what PP is wearing tonight… could it be Pretty Panties on the Playboy Princess? Oh My!! And the way Len looks at her, I mean her boobies, is truly unforgettable!! LOL!!

    So glad your veggies are in, I have peas and strawberries planted, with seeds in a little green house. Have a fabulous walk about and enjoy tonight!!


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