arm-chair quarterbacking….DWTS

for you non-enthusiasts feel free to move on…however I just can’t seem to let this go. I have a friend that lives in Washington State and we are able to share this (via Facebook) which probably aids in the ‘hanging on’ that I am experiencing. 

I am not a fan of the ‘themed’ music shows…last night’s “Patriotic” music, which is nice to hear but it appears to be very difficult to choreograph. Some were ok, others just annoying to watch.

So in no particular order, my thoughts on each of the individual celeb dancers:

Romeo: Newsflash: it’s not classy to use a ‘cancer announcement’ as a “vote for me” moment.(especially since you aren’t even related to the patient!)

Kirstie: please have your costume designer FIRED…you deserve better costumes. I love that your ‘over-the-top’ personality can manage the mountains of jokes that women with weight issues have thrown at them. You have rhythm girlfriend….dance as much/long as you can. You get some of my votes.

Ward: It’s just too bad you have such great timing/technique…are you sure you’ve never had lessons?

Kendra: seriously? monthly hormones? again? TMI honey, TMI. your whining and brat ‘tude is just irritating.
Someone needs to go…bye-bye Playboy princess.

Okay, I’m done for this week’s review. Can’t wait to see the results show.

I think I swallowed a grouchy pill…some days are just like that.


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