Sensible Shoes? oh, pluzeeeeee

Recently, I had a girlfriend  lament about her possible restriction to “sensible shoes” – largely due to a hip replacement surgery. It got me to thinking about shoes in general and what my reaction would be in the same situation. These days I live in flip flops, sneakers, cowboy boots and clogs…and I have about 8 pairs of heels that I can not retire to the Goodwill bag. Only the clogs would be considered a candidate for the ‘sensible shoes’ label. Bare, naked, shoe-less…happy toes is my real preference. But I digress.

We are not ‘shoe’ young anymore – she and I both love shoes. As a surgical nurse, she wore good solid sensible shoes to work, flip flops around the house, yard and beach town. When I think of her in regular street clothes or a pretty summer dress – she is either in flip flops or tres chic open toed pumps….the occasional tennis shoe that has seen better days. Shoes with character…

(My chiropractor would suggest that I haven’t been “shoe” young for many, many years. At least, as far as the shoe to the left is concerned. But what does he know, really – he is after all, a man.)

This would be an example of a shoe I would wear….love, love, love this shoe. Ridiculously too high, right? But stunning and what’s more – your legs look stunning in them. The very young can wear this shoe. When I am standing in front of this shoe or one like it, my head tells me that I am that young. And I want to be able to wear this shoe. And, of course, not be in pain. This is a ‘shoe’ young shoe.

I can not imagine anyone not wanting this shoe – or one just like it. My younger self did not envision that there would come a day that I would not be able to physically be in that shoe. I wasn’t ever going to be that old. Of course, I saw the elderly women at the store, on the bus, at the doctor’s office…all wearing those industrial strength ‘sensible shoes’ and telling myself that I would not become one of them! Black, thick soled – with laces. Yikes. Some man designed those ugly shoes. Off with his head, I say.

Of course there are shoes that I wouldn’t be caught in, dead or alive. I have never been a sling-back kind of girl. Not really crazy for open-toed pumps either. Mary Janes…only the black patent leather MJ’s that Manolo Blahnik designed would do…aren’t they divine? Even at $645 they are divine…wonder if I could live in them?

Manolo Blahnick Mary Jane
Lady Gaga – S. McQueen Shoes

This is not a shoe that I would wear…reminds me of lobster oven mitts…you can add all the rhinestones and sequins you want – not buying into the myth. But one must give it up to the woman who can and does wear shoes such as this….Lady Gaga. She has graced the world stage with the most bizarre array of high platform shoes that only those with remarkable body awareness and the ability to balance would be able to carry the look off. No one I know could or should strut their stuff in lobster mitts unless of course they just signed a recording deal.

So, I ‘ve decided not to surrender 100% to the ‘sensible shoe’ model. What my chiropractor doesn’t know won’t hurt either of us. I just wish I had somewhere fabulous to go that demanded wearing red high heels…even it is in the spirit of Oprah – wearing shoes to sit in.



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