The Voice is SO, SO much better….

Move over American Idol, NBC’s The Voice is where it is at! A.I. was good the first 2-3 seasons and I was a devoted fan. Then the show started airing the “auditions” of truly bad singers and it just became painful to watch – it began to feel like a form of bullying as news magazines and entertainment shows would replay the most bizarrely dressed, or the truly dreadful singer. I began to wait until there were 6-8 contestants to start watching and then I just stopped. As a child I too was a victim of bullying – don’t need to participate as an adult…especially given a choice to watch or turn the program OFF.

If you haven’t seen or heard of it, The Voice is surprisingly well done!

Part 1…Blind Audition selections completed in the first 2 weeks of the show.

The singers are PRE-SCREENED prior to your ever having to listen to them. So there is no out of tune, off pitch, terrible audition that we as viewers must endure. Carson Daly is the host, with  Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera, the “coaches” who will select  a singer to join their team of 8 from blind audition – solely on their voices – for they are sitting with their backs to the performer. Should more than one coach turn around for a singer – the singer decides whose team they want to join.

Part 2 – Battle Competition Phase –

Coaches selects 2 members of his/her team, selects a song and helps to fine tune the performance. Then the contestants vie for advancement by singing the same song together, in a faux boxing ring. Comments from the other coaches about the performance are offered but it is up to the contestants coach to choose who stays for the live performance, cutting the teams to 4 each. One more week of phase 2 is left before the live performances.

Part 3 – Live Performances – whittling teams down to one member each to then compete for the $100K and a recording contract should begin the first week of June. I only watched the first 2 selection shows and due to DWTS (competing nights/time slots) finales I haven’t seen any of the “battles” so I can now look forward to another hour of entertainment based on talent not crime.
Looking for a new show now that DWTS and American Idol are over? Check out The Voice, Tuesday evenings, NBC, 10pm. You might be pleasantly surprised.



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