transformation….Develop the length of a dancer-who me?

“Develop the length of a dancer
and the strength of an athlete
with our highly effective 60-minute workouts.
Each class follows a thoughtful sequence for fast body shaping results
and long term postural benefits.”
From barre3 website home page.

On a side street off A Avenue in Lake Oswego** the transformation began on March 31, 2011 and I posted a blog about that first class on April 8th…and in my true Type A style – I obsessed about taking classes as my I moved with increasing muscle soreness  in the belief that soon, very soon that would be but a memory and I would just take the classes, enjoy them and wake up one day with new streamlined body. (Hahahahahaha….she laughed.)  (**NOTE: this is only 1 of 3 locations here in the Portland area. There are also classes in other major cities, Bellevue/Seattle, WA, Denver CO, and soon to be in WDC. Check the barre3 website for other locations.)

On any given day my body aches in every conceivable muscle – and it’s not the large muscles that appear to be affected. No siree, it’s those tiny muscles under the bigger muscles that ache. And it is not symmetrical this soreness I feel…although each group of muscles does get a workout each class. I have a few tiny mad muscles that continue to tell me exactly where they are at – who knew there were so many tiny hidden muscles. I can now do push-ups….not 100, but 10 and that’s something for me. I hate push-ups.

That is the beauty of barre3…at least for me. Each class has been different, each instructor has their own style and variations on the body shaping sequence, and although I have taken the same time slot/instructor, NO two classes have been identical – a huge plus!  I am easily bored. I need variety. So I change it up between the basic and the foundations classes. Being supported and encouraged to challenge yourself, AND to listen to your own body…be present in class for yourself and only for yourself. Class sizes are small, pre-registered enabling the instructor to provide direction, correction and encouragement…winning!

Now just over 2 full months of classes – going 3-4x a week…I am re-visiting biceps and triceps that disappeared about 6 years ago. My glutes are becoming more toned, I have a stronger core. My chiropractor is liking the new me. I feel terrific…I am sleeping better and my appetite is shrinking. Who knew a ballet-barre, yoga strap, a squishy ball and 1-lb barbells would be so loved. Madonna is a fan…yes that Madonna. (there I said it, and I’ll bend over and pick up the name I just dropped.) I don’t have the body of a dancer (secret ambition: NYC Rockette as a child) yet…but maybe, just maybe sometime in the future.

Last week one of the instructors actually commented on how my body was transforming right before her eyes. (shhhh, don’t tell anyone, I like her the best!) Of course, now that the transformation is occurring I am leaving town for an extended RV trip through Yellowstone and Calgary…I am fully prepared to at least manage my renewed self with the 40 min DVD version in hopes of keeping the return-to-class aches to a minimum. Don’t laugh – it could happen.

Check back in August for an update.

(Ask about the 3 class special, or when they are having another athletic wear trunk show. If you want to confuse them, tell them I sent you. )



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