do you rest or wash?

we’ve been traveling in Canada and therefore, I was somewhat surprised to discover that not only are our “restrooms” non-existent, so are toilet seat/donut hole covers….what is up with that? a “restroom” = a “washroom” in Canada, so I had to start looking for the signage and for evidence that covers would be found.
Discovering this distinction was eye-opening, to say the least. We had been staying in RV parks for the most part and some campgrounds, where you expect facilities to be at best, “minimally appointed”, and I wasn’t surprised that covers weren’t available, they aren’t available in the US campgrounds either. However, I was soon looking for the seat covers in established business where ‘washrooms’ were integrated. Restaurants, cafes, delis, coffee houses and grocery/department stores alike all had “washrooms” without paper seat covers…they didn’t even have the wall mounted aluminum holder.
Now I am a bit of a germ-phobe when it comes to rest/wash-rooms….and while I intellectually know that thin paper seat covers are more for my mind than my derriere…it still provides a barrier, albeit thin, against a damp seat of unknown origin. Is it possible that Canadian women simply do not care if the seat is damp? Do they “remember” to take tissue and wipe it down in advance? Do they carry antiseptic wipes like I now do just for this reason? Or do their derrieres repel such nonsense and are immune to attack?
And maybe, just maybe we Americans have totally named it incorrectly and it is just suppose to be a “wash” room, where one does their business, washes their hands and then exits. As I ponder this I realize that I never really ‘rest’ in one of these public rooms – I’m really too wigged out about possible germs to truly “rest”…

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