off with the old…

  • cresent moon

It’s the very last day of 2012, and I’m more than halfway through this one, and I want to close this door and open a new one in the morning.

I have been struggling this past year. Actually, struggle is not the  correct word. I have been searching this year.  Searching for spiritual connective-ness and  more self-awareness.  I realized that  the search is ongoing, at least for me. Oh, I have been on this path before when life was really, really difficult and I had to scrap myself up off the floor with energy that came  from letting go of whatever high drama” I was holding on to at that moment. There is no “high drama” in my life, now it is more about re-defining who I want to be in this new chapter of life. Retirement.  It will be 3 years in April.  It’s taken all of these 2.5+ years to realize that what I have been doing is no longer  ENOUGH.  New awareness’, new friends,  new adventure/places/experiences…realizing  that I am not the woman I was in 2010 when I left my job and began the  journey  we currently enjoy. The novelty of  RV travel had worn off earlier this year…now  it has become  part of  how I live each year.  However, I know that there can be more and that is what I have been searching for during this year.

I want life to feed me.  Actually, I want what I do in my life to feed  me.  I want a life that nourishes  me all year-long.

I am not a resolutions person. Oh, in my younger life I would make  A  resolution in January that never, ever  saw March 1st  let  alone  December’s last day.  Resolutions have  dissolved into  “intentional lifestyle  changes … So this year  my  ‘intentional lifestyle changes’  will include: a) a creative writing class, b) weekly group meditation attendance, c) improved nutrition , and  d) playing more with my spouse .

  • Creative writing class because I have always wanted to write something that gets published before this life is over.  (This blog and my travel blog do not count. )
  • I discovered meditation many years ago,  however my practice has been sporadic at best and there is a Zen Community in my town that has a weekly group meditation community –  attendance  is now my intent
  • Four years ago  I was diagnosed as having a gluten sensitivity…. because I love gluten I pretty much ignored the suggested guidelines to  feeling better….it is my intent to live and be gluten-free by next December, and in the process feel better every day – not just now and then. If I can release alcohol, cigarettes and 80 pounds, I can release gluten.
  • My spouse and I don’t play enough….we don’t use the  “local event/happenings” nearly as much as we can and should and my intent  is to change-up  how  we play.

I started 2012 on Playa Coyote Beach,  Baja Sur and am ending the year in New Mexico, USA.

Farewell 2012, here’s to 2013 being filled with intention, love, laughter and fun.


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