Do we all have cellphone-itis?

yesterday could have been a day where I was arrested for road rage for other drivers texting!

while driving to my exercise studio, roughly 10 miles from home I encountered no less than 3 others on the FREEWAY with their left hands on the steering wheel and their eyes cast downwards…..I can only assume they were texting or reading a text. Maybe I am all wrong and they were just so tired their heads looked down, with the occasional peek to see if they were not heading for the median. Sleeping and driving must be the latest form of planking.

I did look to see if any of them had children in their cars…at least there didn’t appear any. Whew! No children in imminent danger. In one case the middle-aged man was driving in the left lane approximately 15 miles slower than others and would periodically speed up, and then would slowdown again. So technically, I guess he was being conservative and careful. <ah huh>.

why? what is so urgent that one has to text while driving?

the bigger question is “why would you risk your life, and the lives of others” to send or read a text? it makes me angry.

I watched one young woman through the back window of my small car look at her phone when the traffic slowed down and watched as her eyes would bounce up to note any change in our movement forward. I waved at her at one point and she made a note of that, because soon both hands were clearly visible while we ALL were actually moving.

I know I have seen many newscasts of tragic deaths from drivers texting. THEN we hear about how studies show we can’t multi-task in this fashion, videos of drivers who ‘THOUGHT’ they could text and drive being tested on a specifically designed course proved to even the best driver that they were incapable of doing both at the same time. So why do we continue to see it occur? I am not talking about the younger generation who have been raised on cell phones, older, wiser more mature adults do this as well.

Does NO ONE remember when we did NOT have this technology? When we actually had to be at home to our answering machines and listen to words someone spoke when they couldn’t actually speak to us?

According to

The first cell phone came out in July 1973, but the first with texting was a simple Motorola beeper in 1989. And, the first SMS message was claimed to be sent by Riku Pihkonen, an engineer student at Nokia, in 1993. BUT the usage of text messaging as we know it today has only been in use since 2007.

I have a cell phone. I am guilty of having looked at my cell phone for messages. however, I can not text with one hand and drive so I have been saved so far from ‘calling the kettle black’…and I signed Oprah’s pledge about 5 years ago. Ok now I remember. The cell phone gets put in the glove compartment or stays in my bag until I am parked and the engine is in the OFF position. I signed that pledge. Now I need to reinstate it.

Maybe we should all have this photo painted onto the steering wheel or tattooed to the back of our hands.


I’ve calmed down now. On the way home I said the serenity prayer, because God has yet to put me in charge of other people. And sadly I can’t fix a crazy person just waiting to text themselves to the imaginable…


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