Charlotte came to live with us on May 3rd….our rescued tortoise-shell calico.


I am a cat person by default, I grew up with cats. I moved to Portland 30 years ago. I knew basically no one here and I was lonely. What do lonely women do when life happens seemingly out of their control? They get a cat. Well, some women find a husband, or get roommates – neither option was of interest to me at the time so in my case, I got two cats. I was a traveling sales rep for a video distributor. (Yes, before DVD’s and YouTube, the world watched VHS cassette tapes of the movies). I had the entire state of Oregon and SW Washington, so I knew I would be on the road…a lot. But I digress.

My thoughts on owning cats while being gone Monday through Thursday was simple. Two (2) cats meant not having 1 very lonely cat. Meet Katharine Hepburn (left)  and Spencer Tracy (right)


I have to say that Spencer was the BEST cat evar! He was an indoor/outdoor cat (outdoors ONLY if it wasn’t raining), he LOVED to ride in the car and I wept for a week when I had to put him down in 1995 after having him love on me for 11 years. Katharine was a lovely sweet lap cat that joined him in 1997 and loathed being outdoors, but would sit on the door mat ever ready to go back inside.

Then in 1998 I adopted Lola and Lucy, Blue Russian siblings from Seal Beach, CA, traumatizing them for life by having them flown up to live with me at just     4 months old.  (Lola is on the left, Lucy on the right.)


As with all siblings there were dramatic moments and periods of discontent. They learned to live somewhat harmoniously once Lola grew into knowing that Lucy would be the lap cat…anyone’s lap.  Lola would allow petting…on HER terms. This meant, she had to approach and sit near enough for you to actually let petting happen. Should you touch her and the moon and stars were NOT in alignment that day, she would just up and move to another spot of floor/sofa/chair so you couldn’t reach her without effort. And then there is Lucy, Lola’s sibling. Lucy will be 17 on the 14th of June. She is getting older, has some hearing loss, her taste buds/sense of smell are weaker, yet she can still find a lap anywhere in the house.

Lola left us on January 17, 2012 while we were in Baja Mexico. The hardest thing I have ever done is leave her behind.  My letter to her is linked here:

It’s been a month of ups and downs…my ‘expectations’ of how Charlotte would integrate into Lucy’s home were completely out of whack! Charlotte escaped from her ‘safe room’ on the third day here and was terrorized by a chase through the house. She ended up under the living room sofa with all 20 toenails sunk deep into the carpet.  She continues to live under the master room bed although the door is open and access to the rest of the house unlimited. She is a sweet, yet timid feline and while I wish she and Lucy had bonded by now, the reality is that the ‘open-door-free-to-roam’ policy has only been in effect for 10 days now. I am having to remind myself that this will take time and I must be patient.

So, if you have read this far….can you send up a prayer to the Universe that the resident and the rescued come together in peace and learn to co-habitat and tolerate the others presence.

I would be truly grateful.







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