Day 1 – Breaking Up with Writer’s Block

[from Writer’s Digest Presents A Year of Writing Prompts – 2 weeks of writing prompts boot camp presented in a pdf file titled “Writing Prompt Boot Camp” – 2 weeks of craft, creativity and discipline, by Brian Klems & Zachary Petit]

Breaking Up With Writer’s Block is the first prompt. Task is to write a letter with the opening sentence: “Dear Writer’s Block, it’s not you, it’s me!”

Dear Writer’s Block, it’s not you, it’s me! I mean it, truly is all me. Did you know I nicknamed you ‘Jus-n-sanity’? Mean, huh? And you thought you were doing me a service here by, blocking thoughts, re-directing my creative process, whispering that I was just so boring, almost clueless, and the clincher: no talent for writing.  Well, you are wrong and by banishing you I can practice more, create self discipline and maybe, just maybe create something wonderful that supports my belief.

I don’t want to brag; however, when I am just hanging out or driving my car I have massive amounts of beautiful, rich, expressive clear ideas and creative musings. But the minute I sit down to capture what is in my head and commit it to paper…you show up. Unannounced. Unwanted. Unappreciated. aka, writer’s block.

So, while your visits frustrate me and I use that time as an excuse to go do something more exciting….like emptying the trash or cleaning the toilet your presence is no longer wanted, needed or desired.

It’s me don’t you see. I just need to be a writer. It’s my calling. It’s my passion. It’s what I was meant to be doing. And, once you appear all that goes away. Like a breath. And I want “it” back. Now.

The time I have wasted by accepting ‘you block’ is time I can never get back. Therefore, no more time is to be wasted. So NO – a complete sentence in my world, you cannot stay. Not even for one additional minute…I have words to let go of, to keep in print, to edit, change and strengthen, to capture and maneuver into sweet strong sexy sentences.

Please close the door as you leave me to create. Thank you.


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