Bragging rights – I’m a College graduate

Right to Brag  – Daily Prompt

Tell us about something you (or a person close to you) have done recently (or not so recently) that has made you really, unabashedly proud.

Graduating from college, 2006!!!

  • Nominated for a scholarship by a professor for my writing.
  • Received an award from the Governor as an Outstanding Student Scholar (along with 13 other community college students, 2 from each of the states’ 7 community colleges). And I wasn’t the oldest OSS that year…finally not the oldest in the room
  • Got the small scholarship to attend a state school
  • And paid for it as I went – i.e., no student loans, graduated without college debt
  • Graduated with HONORS – Magna cum laude

I took the slow, relaxed thirty-year route to higher education for I was raised by wolves you see. Repeatedly told how stupid I was from both parents I struggled in school. I was not good at math, at all! And I despised it with a vehemence that now feels like a missing part of my DNA. It was one of their weapons against me you see…father being an engineer.

It explains my total lack of talent for playing a musical instrument. Trust me, I have tried. As a young teen, the guitar, as a young-ish forty-something the upright piano that stood in my boyfriend’s dining room calling my name. I tried, truly I did. I can proudly play two-finger chopsticks….without shame.

I do not understand sheet music; one of the many math related skills (seriously?) that those with a head for mathematics also can play music. <Deep, heavy sigh> Without squirming in their skin. Which begs the question, I worked as a bookkeeper’s assistant and my lack of math love went undetected? Oscar-worthy performances for sure!

But, I digress. College. Learning. Books. Writing. Research. Make my head spin, please. Would if I could, I would go for my Master in Peace Studies. Financially, that isn’t going to happen at this point. I am ok with that and I can be sad about that, but in truth I am so proud of myself.

I returned to college after two early attempts both sabotaged by me, myself and I (first in my early twenties and then again in my early thirties) and was able to retrieve and use those credits towards finally getting my degree. I went to college for myself! Not to find a career or improve my resume…although being able to check the boxes for college degree was a truly wonderful experience, my primary focus was proving that I was in fact – S.M.A.R.T!  Smart enough to earn that Magna cum laude. Call it a goal, a dream, a bucket list item checked off, and I did and still do…I still pinch myself when I think about those 4 years and that day in March 2006 when my final grades were posted and I knew I was a COLLEGE GRADUATE. (That statement makes me happy even as I type this.) Pinch me black and blue….they were so wrong!!!

THBPBPTHPT! (Bronx cheer that wolves!)

And yes, even at my advanced age I can revert to being, like, totally immature…


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