Dear Ms. Nervous –

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Dear MS. Nervous (from Heroes of the Holocaust, Susan Glick)

Monday night at a dinner for the local chapter of SinC and in a moment of enthusiasm for my writing, I followed up on the announcement about a new critique group starting up. I gave email address and on Tuesday received an email with suggested options for time/place…EEK!

It’s now two days later, I am still nervous and now it’s with a CAPITAL N! Well crap, that was you who showed up almost instantaneously this morning at o’ dark hundred.  Nice timing you have. I’m not ready; I don’t have anything even remotely close to what could be described as an outline, chapter or plot. You have now given me cause to eat badly, I want to hide under the duvet, bite my nails <GASPPP!> and eat insane amounts of chocolate and/or pasta to calm myself down. I do want to participate in the critique process; however, my brain is firing on all cylinders as to why this might NOT be the time. Damn you.

I could blame this all on my Sun sign, Libra. We just don’t like making decisions. It is torture. I loathe having to make one – after all I have made some gigantic errors in my life. Weighing each decision, the pros and cons and when all was said and done…nervousness of not being perfect and my fear of rejection have held me back. Damn you.

Was I nervous when I first went skydiving? Hell, YES…but I did that in spite of my fears. Was I nervous when I was handed the controls of our Piper Comanche 260 and given an in-flight lesson. Yes! (And I can hold course heading and elevation, thank you very much.) Was I nervous for the white-water rafting, kayaking in deep water, and facing a teenage soldier in the Mexican Army with his AK 47 slung over his shoulder or the open door helicopter flight over Kauai? Those were all terrifying for me, nerves and yet I accomplished those feats in spite of your presence. Damn you.

Damn you Ms. Nervous – like a shadow you cling to my backside, taunting me in whispers and endless sleepless nights. Hey, didn’t I write a letter to Mr. Writer’s Block a few weeks back? Did he ask you to step in? Coward that he is…!

Well, you can leave now. The date has been added to my calendar. Don’t let the door hit you in the a** on your way out!

Yours truly…

Ms. C

(June 19, 2014)


2 thoughts on “Dear Ms. Nervous –

    1. CAM

      all true, not fiction. took it one step further and asked for help from a previous co-worker who also happens to be involved with the literary world. She had some great suggestions….which I am following up on.


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