Writers Life and letting go

Checking in.

It’s the end of July and I am looking at the remains of kale and beans, while the broccoli is attempting to make a comeback now that the infestation of aphids has been put down. The tomatoes, ohmygod, the tomatoes are going to be aMAYzing again this year. But I digress.

I went through a patch of writer’s block. No, not WB, but apathy with a capital ‘A’  is more the culprit. It happened about a month ago when after pounding out character ‘resumes’ and three chapters of a mystery I concluded that I had no idea how to proceed with story structuring…really God? I have this great passion to write, premise, a story, and characters and I am just now realizing that I am in fact – clueless? Dang. So close.

Then I had a moment, just a moment mind you, of sheer brilliance.

Use your GOD Box…that’ right. Give it to your Higher Power, let him manage the weight. Now, I know this sounds rather simplistic to some, but it’s amazing what comes of just letting go. So I have let go of the outcome. My writing geisha is back. I have recommitted to a daily writing on the novel….even IF it is just character development or re-writing a paragraph, or doing the assigned exercises from class. Movement people….forward. So simple a seven year old may have been more clued-in than me.

So, I found an on-line writing course that I could start immediately that would assist me. And I just signed up for a writer’s conference which, thankfully, had one or two workshops that would address this issue as well. And while it isn’t the conference that is closest to me and happening this weekend – and totally out of my pocketbook range I found one that I can attend and maybe that is just how it is suppose to be.

And gratitude. One of my favorite authors, who I am currently reading,  Anne Lamott wrote in her book ‘Help, Thanks, WOW: Three Essential Prayers’ this: “And at some point, we cast our eyes to the beautiful skies, above all the crap we’re wallowing in, and we whisper, “Thank you.”

So, I am saying Thank YOU dear Higher Source, God, Universal Love/Energy. Thank you for allowing me to stumble, again, and wallow for a few moments and then pick my sorry self up and get on with the business of writing. Thank you.

And now I am off to find a cuppa to enjoy as I continue on the journey…

coffee is









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