“Age is just a number,” says the well-worn adage.

In exactly 75 days I will turn, gulp, sixty-five. I type the number out hoping that it will lessen the impact. I loathe the idea. Please don’t start with the PLATITUDES. Thank you, but truly, I am just not in a receiving mood. They are never received with a smile and a jump for joy. “Oh boy, here comes a platitude said NO Woman EVER.

I know that it is just a number. It’s  far more horrid for women…sad creatures that we are. Men become mature. Women become old. I hate that word. Truly.

And  why does that number almost always come with the look followed by “Are you ok, do you need a chair?”, or, “You look Grrrreat for your age?” What the hell does that mean? And then people physically pull back as if aging is catchy – like a cold.  Helloooo people….everyone who celebrate a birthday, eventually will get this old. You won’t like it either.

There is so much life I have yet to experience. So many places to see. So many things to do. The longer I am here, the longer the bucket list. So to lessen the impact and face my denial I’ll make a list of what I find <sigh> okay about being, ah, this age.

I got to retire at sixty.  That made me happier than I had been in a couple of years…I was no longer happy at the last job and hadn’t been for a very long, long time. (My bad for not leaving in the first 90 days-regardless of the circumstances at the time. Coward that I was.)

I got to apply for and receive my SS check every month for the last 1020 days. It’s a bit less than it might have been if I waited, but I will be able to receive it longer. We did the math. My sanity is worth every penny not received.

Discounts at Kohl’s every Tuesday.  Senior coffee @ Mickey D’s (in AZ that means its $.55 for a 12 oz cup)

Discounts at some restaurants. Both my doctor and my dentist give me a discount for being a senior and paying cash.  Bonus: I didn’t have to wait until now to enjoy this one.

My local rapid transit means I pay $1..50 LESS than I do currently each way.

Theater tickets are less too. We go to the movies once a week now and in some cases it’s less than one regular priced ticket for 1 person….

There is no free lunch with this newly found age. I have less flexibility, more memory issues, my eyesight isn’t perfect, in the heat of summer my feet swell. Something to do with the valves in my legs….they are old too. So sad.

Would I opt for the alternative. No way. So while I grumble and grouse about being, ahem, older I am grateful for the life that I now share with my guy.  We snowbird each winter to the national parks and travel the back roads of this beautiful country at a pace we would never have been able to do even 10 years ago. I am more comfortable in my skin.  I have time today to meditate, to read, to take an evening stroll, to take a nap. And I have time now to write…“Age is just a number,” says the well-worn adage. I’ll take the number.

So while this has been a nice respite from my novel and it’s chapters and characters I must return to those pages.




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