One person’s trash, another’s treasure

Daily Prompts:  500 years from now, an archaeologist accidentally stumbles on the ruins of your home, long buried underground. What will she learn about early-21st-century humans by going through (what remains of) your stuff?

The archaeologist that stumbles (most likely was pushed) into my digs is going to wonder what kind of crazy was going on within those four walls. If the walls are still evident that is….for sure the crazy will remain.

There will be a mountain of books. Most with a bookmark still lodged within its pages. Telling them that she rather enjoyed reading a wide variety of subjects.

There will be yarn and scads of knitting needles…a few shreds of what was once a “project” (most likely a scarf or the sleeve to a sweater) midway through a row because the finder doesn’t realize how easily she could be distracted.

There will also be a stack of hand-painted needlepoint canvases and the threads to complete them. Oh the money she spent on canvases and threads could very possibly paid a small nation’s national debt. She did part with a few and sold them on eBay but never regained her investment. The pleasure of creation was payment enough.

The remnants of ceramic/wood/metal and plastic (because that never decomposes) art masks from forty years of collecting will cast a question of my mental state or a possible disfiguration. “A daily change in personality required a new mask?”

A recipe file made of metal and crammed with bits and pieces of paper, the worn edges and evidence of having been lain down on a dirty surface will tell him which meals were her favorites. Dessert and pasta tied for first.

Old vinyl albums – called music records. This may be tougher to determine for there will be nothing to play them on. Her love of these overrode the logic that says “get rid of those” – for in the words and sounds she was connected to her youth.

And they will find old photographs, a collection of angels and a Raggedy Andy doll that was given to her on her 30th birthday. Her one and only. The guy she could depend on to never leave her. And he stayed on, on the top shelf of every bedroom she had from that moment on.

And finally, four small receptacles with what appears to be dust and white bits,  evidence she was loved. By Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Lucy Morgan and Charlotte Web her beloved felines over forty years of laps and purrs gathered and contained for just this moment in time.


One thought on “One person’s trash, another’s treasure

  1. Greate Post. Aren’t Houses like bodies and Homes like souls. They can just dig up our houses in future and know about our lifestyle, but would never be able to decipher the love and care that our homes were made of.


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