Moved to Tears or cry baby, cry

Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears ~ Do movies, songs, or other forms of artistic expression easily make you cry? Tell us about a recent tear-jerking experience!

So music, hmmm, I would have to say that the song “I Will Always Love You”, belted out by the Ms. Huston. (I did not see the movie attached to it until many years after its release.)

And only three films: ‘Beaches (1988) played so beautifully by the Divine Ms M and Barbara Hershey. To this day the song “Wind Beneath My Wings” causes me to remember that film and its affect on me.

“Instinct” a 1998 film with Sir Anthony Hopkins and the slaughter of a family of gorillas had me sobbing in the theater. Upon leaving my then boyfriend (now spouse) said. “Well, that wasn’t the best choice for a date night movie”.

And finally, 1993’s “Schindler’s List” – I pretty much sobbed (along with 90% of the audience) the entire movie. At one point I had to excuse myself and ran to the restroom in a feeble attempt to pull myself together. I still remember passing the line of those waiting to see the movie and seeing the horror on their faces as the tears and black mascara flowed down my cheeks as I rushed to the ladies room, hand to mouth…leaving my lunch behind and then returning to my seat. I was flooded with relief as I heard the sniffles of those around me – until that moment I didn’t know I was the only person affected by the film.

I have to say that many of my more current tear-jerking moments are most often from news stories that relate to human relationships at their best and at their worst. The heartfelt tragic love story, or the horrors of wars in another country (may as well be on another planet) that are far, far away from my everyday life or the child that overcomes an obstacle and finds success. There for a while it was the Hallmark card commercials that had me bursting into tears on a regular basis and feeling embarrassed.  Tears shed for the childhood-that-never-was, …grief fed those tears and sometimes continues to do so today.

Tears are a spiritual event cleansing the soul and body giving us a moment to remember that we are all connected. If we are alive and breathing it is the one Universal common thread…we all have a body that holds lungs and a heart…the only barrier are the brains that determine how it will handle something outside its comfort zone.

I hope I never lose the ability to remember to love/embrace/connect with another just because I’m the one who moved.


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