Hand-me-downs? Not so much…

Daily PromptClothes and toys, recipes and jokes, advice and prejudice: we all have to handle all sorts of hand-me-downs every day. Tell us about some of the meaningful hand-me-downs in your life.

I must confess I do not like other people’s ‘let-overs’ … as a child I received my share of hand-me-downs and swore them off once I was old enough to buy my own.

We got new shoes, socks and underwear at the beginning of school and at Easter. At Christmas we got the socks and undies. Really? Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is socks and undies-said NO CHILD EVER! And my parents would gift wrap those and then tag them from “Santa”. Once I hit my teen years those were just stuffed into our stockings, along with the other life necessities. The ever so desired Chapstick. The barrettes, pencils-coloring and otherwise, maybe a yo-yo and in the toe a tangerine, along with a fifty cent piece. The paddle board was only good until the elastic band snapped, the board then used as a ‘teachable moment’…aka spankings.

Yes, to this day I cannot find myself in a re-sale store or the Goodwill for clothing items. Although I do like re-sale for garden art and pots. I don’t even really like garage sales. Euwwww, used. I don’t bowl – used shoes…ugh!!! There are not enough socks for those shoes.

Now I must admit that the best hand-me-down I DID take on: my adorable, lovable and funny husband. He was twice divorced when I met him and I thank those women for messing up enough in their marriages to get him ready for me to meet. By then he was discerning. He had gone to therapy to discover his own baggage needed mending and polishing. Just like me. Laurie and Sherry – thank you for NOT appreciating his intellect, humor, kindness, and his loving protectiveness. I am SO VERY Grateful that you chose to discard him. He is a treasure. My treasure.


2 thoughts on “Hand-me-downs? Not so much…

    1. CAM

      Thank you. Today as I am re-reading it…omg…too many “incomplete” thoughts. But that was my day yesterday….stressed and kinda of incomplete. need to slow way down.


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