Ready, Set, Done or Been There Finally!

So, today’s Daily Prompt suggests we write on anything for 10 minutes.

Since I am just re-surfacing from a week-long trip to my state’s National Park- Crater Lake, that’s what is most current on my brain. The beauty and splendor of God’s country. Thank you dear God…what you did there is AWESOME. Seriously….


How can anyone disagree on this view! The blue is unbelievable…deep, navy blue. Some amazing hikes. The trail system is well maintained. Most of the easy & moderate hikes are wheel-chair accessible.

The weather was amazing. We picked a good week, although several forest fires made for a couple of smoky mornings, for the sun was out and it stayed light until the 7pm hour.

The park buildings, commissioned by the CCC – aka Civilian Conservation Corps – beginning in 1931, are open for touring, some in operation as restaurants, bookstore and visitor center. The stone structures are incredibly beautiful as well as built to sustain the adverse winter snowfall of up to 16 feet.

We finally saw a fawn on the last morning we were there. We were surprised to find the Golden-mantled ground squirrel was unafraid of humans, and blue jays landed within feet of our chairs waiting for handouts. Feeding the wildlife is frowned on – apparently no one, including us, obeys this rule.

A must…the boat tour around the lake. We did miss getting one of the six (6) Wizard Island daily tickets. The tours begin to close mid-September so if you can book your tour before you go. We wish we had.

Finally, if you want to stay in the CL lodge, another CCC era creation, guests must book a good 10-12 months in advance. Given our trailer, we weren’t worried about our housing option, but  we were very surprised the bookings are so far in advance.

We were able to check off yet another National Park from our bucket list.

Ready? go!


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