Fork over knife…

Mouths Wide Shut

Are you a picky eater? Share some of your favorite food quirks with us (the more exotic, the better!). Omnivores: what’s the one thing you won’t eat?

At this moment my brain is fighting over the word ‘picky’. So, I looked up the word via to discover it’s written definition:

Adjective, pickier, pickiest.

  1. Extremely fussy or finicky, usually over trifles.

Well, that sealed it. That’s right. I prefer to use ‘selective’. So I am a selective eater.

As a child and young adult I was fat. No, most likely if then were today I would be labeled obese given my height vs weight.

During the summer after my graduation from high school I lost roughly 30 lbs. The only real change was I was walking due to using public transit to get to and from my job. Then I got married and used food to escape the un-pleasantries of my less-than-thought-out decision to marry. Diagnosed as having hypoglycemia I went on a high protein diet. Lost the weight and the desire to eat meat. <gag>

Notice I used the word diet. Well, that eventually led to a ‘life-style’ change. There are only two vegetables that I can not to this day imbibe – lima beans and okra. GAG. Oysters and avocado don’t go in either…it’s a texture thing. Okra falls into this last category as well.

I became a vegan in my mid-twenties. During that time, alternative lifestyle choices were less than enthusiastically received. Eating just plant-based meals was easy for me…harder on those around me. People worried that I would not get enough to eat. Trust me. Salad, rice and veggies for dinner are filling. Add bread and dessert ~ viola…a feast.

Over the years I have learned to pay attention to how my body functions. Food is fuel. It will either make you soar or send you to bed.

Today my body is gluten free. It is also lactose intolerant…it always has been. I chose to ignore that for a very long time. (We all have our weaknesses – mine is cheese.) I still don’t eat red meat (beef/pork/lamb/bison/deer) but do eat the occasional fowl/fish as I suffered from exercise induced anemia which then led to a diagnosis of low blood protein. So to combat that to a degree that makes my physician happy I ingest some fowl/fish about twice a week. I almost never eat processed anything. I never drink sodas – plastic chemicals in a can. yikes!

I am not a picky eater….selecting which foods I ingest provides some control in an otherwise chaotic world.  Some things are just not meant to be consumed no matter the marketing ploys.

If you are curious about cleaner dining and how delicious real foods can be visit:



3 thoughts on “Fork over knife…

  1. This is a great posting and great advertising for the documentary, “Forks Over knives. I watched the documentary a little over a year ago along with Vegucated and Food Matters. I have since become a Pescatarian, an I have never look back, after fifty plus years of being the ultimate omnivore. Again great posting!


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