“The weather event” cancels….

Ready, Set, Done!

Our ten-minute free-write is back for another round! Tap away on whatever comes to mind, no filters attached. (Feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).

So it’s Thursday November 13, 2014. Anne Lamott is coming to my small town tonight and I have been looking forward to seeing her for weeks. Well, since I got the Facebook post that she was in fact doing a book tour of Small Victories…however, she posted this morning that she is without voice. Well, hoarse is the word she used. Well, damn! Sorry you are ill, Anne – even without a voice I want a signed copy.

The lesser news is that we are having a weather “event” here in Rip City. (A nod to our b-ball team announcer’s 1971 naming it thus.)  Now this would be actual real news and a concern if it wasn’t for the fact that much of middle America is suffering from ACTUAL freezing wind/snow/ice. Right now it is pelting ice rain on my office window, poorly and without emphasis,  but forecasts state that by later today we will be in the 40’s. The 40’s people….not minus zero temperatures like Denver and Casper, Wy.

Seriously, schools were cancelled today. The local television stations are having marathon coverage with “Breaking News” alerts continuously and the lower elevations are just wet. Some of the surrounding hills do have a “dusting” of snow. A DUSTING….

Is this unusual weather for us…depends on how you define ‘unusual’. Portland has its share of cold, crisp days. Even days of snow have been known to happen, usually later – in winter. It’s still considered Fall here, so yes, probably unusual. Everyone gets freaked out and because it isn’t really full blown (more than 6 inches of snow) I find it amusing that so much press about it happens. We (Rip City) are easily freaked by the forecast of “snow and/or ice”….this is one of those times.

It’s just another slow news day here. The real news will be if Anne Lamott’s book tour gets cancelled because we are having a “weather event”….I will not be happy.


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