Good Tidings


Good Tidings
Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

We arrange to meet at the newest local ‘designer’ food market. You know the kind; all organic, gluten-free, au chocolaterie, fresh sushi bar, and a coffee bar alongside the freshly made pastries, and all the locally-grown aisles are prominently displayed. I am excited and a bit anxious…even though it is ‘I’ the present day me that I am meeting. I cannot recall what I truly looked like back then. So, the nerves have shown up and are playing music with one leg…well, keeping time to the imagined song that they hear.

She arrives. Book bag, wearing jeans, and she’s wearing the necessary dark glasses. Ever since the Lazik surgery my eyes have been super sensitive to light, even on dreary, cloudy November days here in the PNW. Startled to see the shoulder length hair, had forgotten that I ‘pony-tailed’ it back then. Amazing how little I appreciated my looks.

She sits down…alert, happy and also, a bit nervous. “WOW, we look great 10 years older!” Each of us trying to be ever so casual in our obvious observations of the other.

“So, wassup?”

Clearing my throat I begin.

“You have just begun, but the writing scholarship you will win will allow you to continue the journey. You’ll find it hard, exhilarating, expansive and fearful. You will want to quit when before you looms the Mt Everest of conquering math. Conquer you will. You will regret not changing to learning a language but it will all be ok in the end.

You will find reward in late nights, study groups, teamwork and tutoring and NOT giving up on yourself. You will shock yourself at how much you love going to school.

You will find fun in the journey of learning. You will travel to Italy for three weeks of learning and experience just six months before you finish your desired degree. An opportunity you can not miss!

Graduating with your college degree is going to make you happier than you had ever believed was possible.”

“Continue to take care of yourself even when you feel you don’t want too. Now get back to your homework….”


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