Spininng tales and stories…

Spinning Yarns
What makes a good storyteller, in your opinion? Are your favorite storytellers people you know or writers you admire?

For me good storytelling is always about the character development. I want to feel as though I have been transported to the room with the protagonist, experiencing all that they are experiencing. I want to be swept into the story as if I were there. Many writers have this ability and I enjoy their works.

However, if I had to pick one storyteller and her stories … Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, the first of a series, is rich with strong vibrant characters that have grown wiser, deeper, softer and older over the years…as they should. I am completely within the front and back covers of her books and can barely release my deep need to get to the next page to prepare a meal or go to bed. By the end of these, tomes – and they are tomes, I feel both relieved and frustrated. Relieved to know that they survived (which means the story continues) and frustrated that I have finished another book and must wait until she finishes another in the series.

Yes it is a love story. It is also a story of adventure, of history (lots of research went into these books about Scotland and the clans), of time travel and of mystery. It has a bit of every genre in it and it is magical.

Outlander (1992) has stood the test of time, at least for me. I have now read the complete series twice since the first book was published. It was easier when it was only the first three books. Then last year in anticipation of her eighth in the series I reread the first seven to refresh my memory and most definitely torture myself with doing so.

The fun fact: Outlander is now a television series on Starz. I have the first episode DVR’d – from August. And am terrified that I will be disappointed so have not watched it. The dilemma is this: the channel it airs on is a “premium”, which we do not get (the first one was free to all)  and if I love the series I will not be able to watch it. So I am waiting for the series to go to DVD’s when I can have a marathon weekend of watching it all at once. Just like a couple of the earlier books….

Obsessive? Whatever gave you that idea?<grin>


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