The Zone

Tell us about your favorite way to get lost in a simple activity — running, chopping vegetables, folding laundry, whatever. What’s it like when you’re in “the zone”?

Getting lost in “the zone.” The Zone

At first I thought I didn’t have a simple task that allows for that and I realized that I was trying to make something easy hard. Huh? Yeah, like this is complicated. (Now you see the brain activity that occurred while I gathered up my energy to write the following.)

“Simple” doesn’t mean it’s not important. Or not relevant. Or that everyone will do this ‘activity’ because it appears ‘simple’. Meditation is simple…it’s the discipline of the actual doing meditation that is hard. Not everyone meditates. It’s taken me years to develop a practice. And it’s very simple for this overly complicated brain walking around being human.

“the Zone” – what does that look like? For me it is where the ocean water evens out beach sand or the buzz of bees is more music than noise.

So after I had wander down that brain track for a couple of minutes I came up with not one but two activities that get me into ‘the zone’. The first is my garden. Whether I am raking up yard debris in mid-March to planting veggies in mid-April the garden truly sings to me. I know I am ‘in the zone’ when after working all day I look around and see garden implements scattered about my rather large yard. I get so ‘in the zone’ that ADHD takes over. Walking past a pine cone without bending over to pick it up is part of that zone. I see the entire expanse in my mind as having become an award winning vision…and it’s only day 2 of what will become 7 long days of debris removal and then retrieving the yard art that was stored over the long winter months. In October I begin the process of putting it to rest, even those acts are zone worthy. Sitting and watching the birds flit from birdbath to feeder can erase and relieve what ails me in that moment.

The other is reading. Getting lost in the pages of a book is the ZONE for me…oblivious to whatever is happening within inches of me as I soak in the richness of the words before me. Wanting to turn the next page, yet overcome with sadness when the last page is before me. When I discover a new author or series I am filled with bliss….the sugar high from a pint of extraordinary ice cream or chocolate layer cake kind of bliss.

Don’t pretend you haven’t had bliss like this as well.

It’s where God resides, for me. Deep in the center of my soul, where I am loved beyond measure and the world is at peace.

It makes me grateful to be alive.


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