As the World revolves….

Fill In the Blank

Three people walk into a bar…all of them female. Each life will change as a result of this action.

It’s an upscale, trendy bar that has just the right mix of business professionals, locals  and their entourages. Employees are smartly dressed in tuxedo shirts, black slacks, hair is kept swept up off the face or short and while ‘tats’ aren’t against the current company policy they are not overtly displayed. No, this is not your lower-companion-dive-biker bar. The music is low-key, instrumental, just loud enough so patrons can converse with each other yet cover the conversation of the table one over if voice levels are maintained at a lower register.

It’s 7pm, Friday evening.

Jen (short for Jennifer) is the leader and is on the lookout for “Mr. Right”; more like Mr. Right-NOW. Jen does not do “relationships”. Her mother was a serial divorcee and after number seven, that’s right #7, Jen stopped counting or caring. Jen’s energy level is so high she is practically levitating and looks down right elegant in her little black dress and Manolo Blahnik heels. Jen works in PR and co-owns a small boutique with her sister in the small hamlet just south of the city. It’s doing quite well, the Manolos are new.

Chanel is the negotiator and will wrestle you to the ground for car keys if she believes someone has imbibed too much to take the wheel. And she wins. Tall at 5’10” without heels, she becomes Amazonian in stilettos; which she embraces with gleeful delight. She doesn’t troll bars for dates preferring to get her dates via recommendations from friends or co-workers. She inevitably has background checks done on all; will request meeting the gentleman at the appointed time and place or it’s a no date. She also is wearing the pre-agreed evening attire of a ‘little black dresses’ and has her blonde curly head dotted with tiny individual rhinestone clips. Dermatologist by day Chanel takes cooking classes and piano lessons in her off hours.

Teddy; Theodora if her parents are present, is the wild child of the group. Her little black dress fits her like a glove. It’s an expensive ultra lightweight leather made to fit her, so it does…like a glove. She’s pretty, feminine with a dancer’s grace and a model’s walk; green eyed with raven hair she wears it long, straight and down…less to worry about in the wee hours. She can and will drink most everyone under the table. She has it “under control” and only allows herself this weekly ritual and will exercise the excess out over the weekend. She’s in fashion, is considered one of the bright new stars and is just on the verge of breaking out.

10:45pm – Friday

Jennifer has met the man she will marry this time next year although she doesn’t yet realize it. He will push for a date but ends up with her business card and in 45 days will be in his office, sitting across from her, listening to a pitch for his PR business.

Chanel has met someone and will break all of her rules and a few hearts. Charlotte dominates her every waking thought; all because of a random restroom kiss. Her upper crust old money parents will be horrified – what will they say at The Club?

Teddy, well Teddy’s time will occur but she will have to endure a few more setbacks; a few more highballs and a stint in rehab before the Fashion World
will forgive her broadcasting some well-kept industry secrets to the guy sitting to her who just happened to be a reporter for the NY Times.

Yes, three people walked into a bar…and the earth continued to rotate.


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