Hunger for perusal….fix this

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blogger With a Cause.”

I read that prompt and thought, “SNAP” –  easy. Then I actually thought for more than the nano second that the word ‘snap’ took and realized that I have two causes that I would want to champion. Hunger. Reading. That’s all.

I was born and raised to believe that the nation I live in, the good ol US of A, was the greatest country on Earth. Then why in all that is sacred do people go hungry every day.  Here? In the year 2015?  WTF is up with that?  I can not wrap my head around the idea that people are starving here. That children do not have enough food to nourish growing bodies and brains! That we as a nation don’t amend this is abuse of power. Shameful and tragic. We can and should fix this!

READING – teaching those who can not read – to read.  I actually know people who never learned how to read. Think about that…not only as a writer but as a human being living ones life. This is what it looks like if you can not read:

  • no driver’s license
  • can not vote
  • school tests – a nightmare (most likely drops out)
  • SATs – impossible
  • can not read a bus/train/subway schedules
  • can not read menus
  • can not read the newspapers or books (death, I would prefer death)
  • can not read birthday cards/love letters/holiday greetings or invitations – or send them
  • food labels in stores
  • guide books/maps/instructions of any kind
  • use a computer/cell phone
  • read song lyrics
  • prescription drug reactions
  • recipes
  • movie reviews, sub-titles, creative notes of any kind
  • obituaries

Probably missed a few. But you get the drift (you’re here reading, right?)

The ability to read is one of the truly remarkable talents/skills a person can have. Having the ability and beginning early, I was able to escape my sad, lonely and scary childhood in books. Books gave me a safe place to be and fired my imagination. Without it, pretty sure I would be filled with shame and self loathing.

So if I had the means to throw myself into backing a cause I would be a champion for those who hunger for the ability to read and those who are just plain hungry.


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