I smell the trees…

“Smell You Later.”

Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us about a smell that transports you.

We travel. We hike. We frequently hike in National Parks. While I will hike any national park trail…my preference is always for a pine forest. The scent of pine transports me back to the many forests I have visited.

The woodsy aroma drifts up from the ground and surrounds you as you walk under the branches of decades old pine trees. Cones and needles cushion your trek and the trills of songbirds serenade your movement. Then stop. Close your eyes and then…


…look up. Always! Look up. This reminder of how small I truly am in the grand skim of things drags my ego back into place. Where it rests in the beauty it has just witnessed.

Breathe deeply. Fill your lungs and your soul with the clean scent of pine. The memory is created, the beauty of the Universe and the nature of it will lift your soul.

The smell of pine …. I am filled with pure joy.

Isn’t the Universe amazing?


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