Teetering on the Edge

“On the Edge.” – in other words We all have things we need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?

My brilliant self-centered self wants to tell you that I am perfectly balanced all of the time. (Did you just see me shift quickly to the left….dodging lightning bolts has become my specialty.)

Ok, so I have fooled no one.

I exercise. Well, I sign up for the barre classes and can afford to go roughly 3x / week…and I do love the results. I also walk approximately 8-10 miles a week with my spouse. I hike/bike/kayak when we are motivated to do so, but really if I am honest….loathe exercise. Now don’t go all health guru on me…I do acknowledge that my heart/lungs/blood pressure all benefit. But my inner couch potato hates it.

There are two things that will improve my mood (and my ability to be pleasant to others) gardening and meditation.

As a child the notion of going outside and pulling weeds made me beg for indoor housework. Silly girl. I love the raking, the planting, the watering, the oohing/aahing of new blooms; the bird feeding, mason bee keeping, and even the Nazi squirrels that terrorizes the beds with caches of food from neighbors as we no longer feed them.  The beauty of a garden is calming to my soul.

Meditation require discipline and commitment. It’s easy, free and requires so little brain activity I am shocked whenever I hear someone whine about ‘how hard meditating is for me’…it’s a head scratcher for me. It was once hard for me as well. Until I was able to let go of my expectation of ‘seeing the truth’ or some other made-up-in-my-head gift I was going to get by doing it IT was hard. Once I let go of getting anything, meditation became my thing.

I discovered that life was not about ‘teetering on the edge’ but living it fully one day at a time. To stay on the path gardening, meditation and exercise will continue to keep me steady, strong and sunny.



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